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Last Spring Domo kicked off the 20/20 Tour. The idea behind the tour was to create a series of intimate seminars and networking events across the country, allowing for sales reps and executives to share how Domo is transforming the way business is managed and how companies can drive more value from their business data. Having attending several of these Domo Tour events, here are a few things I’ve learned.

Who says work isn’t play?

In software sales it’s easy to fall into the routine of taking sales calls, giving product demonstrations over the web, and negotiating without ever meeting someone face-to-face. In the technological age we live in, it’s simply more cost effective to do everything remotely.

But at the end of the day, people want to buy from people they know and like. What better way to get to know someone than at a casual setting like a concert or baseball game?

What executives look like at 165 mph.

The majority of the 20/20 Tour events have revolved around sporting events. Recently we took 25 executives to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for an exclusive ride-along racing experience. What ensued was fantastic. Seeing the look on our prospects faces after driving at 165 mph around turn one at the speedway was priceless. Seasoned, savvy business professionals who have decades of experience over me were as giddy as elementary school kids.

You just don’t get that experience over the phone, and the long-term benefit from these relationships is second to none.

Universal challenges and frustrations.

Another fascinating finding from these 20/20 Tours has been our audience. Domo has primarily focused on selling to the C-Suite & business users within an organization—in other words, the folks who need the data to make better decisions when running the company. Historically they’ve been neglected, often having to put in report requests and waiting to receive something cobbled together in Excel. It’s frustrating, it’s inefficient and it’s what Domo is changing.

These frustrations aren’t isolated to any specific industry or department. They are universal. When a CEO from a financial services company attended our event in Charlotte, she was surprised to hear that the CFO from a medical device company and a VP of Sales from an IT consulting company had the exact same challenges.

Data, instinct and flying blind.

Businesses are being forced to become more data-driven instead of making decisions from the proverbial “gut feel.” More often than not, there exists no platform or easy way for executives to access this information in an easy way. To learn more about some of the most common challenges our customers face, and how Domo is alleviating the strain accessing critical business data, check out our executive brief called 4 Reasons Business Leaders are Flying Blind.

Aside from the benefits of having some fun and meeting our prospects in person, the 20/20 Tour has provided an opportunity to validate that there is an enormous unmet need in the market, and such a huge opportunity to really add value to organizations and improve the way they operate.

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