/ New Domo Features Help Customers Leverage Data Better

If you saw Domo CEO Josh James’s keynote speech to open Domopalooza LIVE & On-Demand this morning, you know that data is not driving businesses the way it should. Much of it is messy and incompatible and tends to live in dark places. It’s stuck in a figurative mine shaft.

In order to move at the speed of business, you need to be able to shine a light on that “dark data.” If you can do that, there are no constraints on how data can stream throughout your organization.

To that end, we just rolled out 20 awesome new features you could easily equate to high beams, as every single one of the features is designed to help companies get to where they want to go.

Take, for example, Domo’s new Integration Studio (beta availability only), which not only brings dark data to light, it connects systems that would otherwise not be able to share data with one another. New high-bandwidth connectors let you load data into Domo at record speeds. And you can manage your data pipelines on-the-go with our new Mobile Data Center.

We’re also upping our game with tools designed to help customers get faster, better insights from their data. Domo’s new table types are built to handle more data and provide fast data analysis.

As well, our collection of new chart types (Sankey charts, SPC charts, POP charts, and more) make it even easier to find insights in your data. You can also keep updated on your favorite cards by adding them as widgets on your phone, and email an attachment of the data used as part of scheduled reports.

If you’re not familiar with Domo Everywhere (our embedded analytics solution), now is a great time to learn more. We’ve added the ability to embed an entire story in any portal or application, with no coding needed. It’s never been easier to share dashboards with customers and partners, whether they have a Domo account or not.

Finally, we’ve made it easier to understand the upstream and downstream impacts of data changes to the rest of your Domo instance with Data Lineage & Impact Analysis, which: gives you an intuitive visual on how DataSets impact other DataSets, cards, and alerts; helps you find broken DataSets; and allows you to search and explore data relationships.

To learn more about these new features and others, visit our New Features page, where you’ll also find video demos and how-to information. To register for Domo’s upcoming ‘Feature Release’ webinar, or find more resources on using the new features, click here.

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