/ March Madness returns, and so does our Upset Assistant

Selection Sunday is only a few days away, and we are less than a week away from the first tip-off and hopefully some exciting upsets. We here at Domo can’t wait for the action and are bringing back our Upset Assistant updated with last year’s data. The total data we have in our dashboards span back 4 decades of the Men’s NCAA Tournament.

Up first is our Upset Assistant. In it you can filter upsets by round to give you an idea of how often each seed is upset by round. You can also filter to certain years only. For instance, when we filter to the last 6 tournaments (spanning 7 years as there was no tournament in 2020) we see that 9-seeds upsetting 8-seeds happens most often with 15 occurrences. Most people would probably guess that 10-seeds upsetting 7-seeds would be the next most common, but it isn’t! 11-seeds upsetting 6-seeds in the 1st round has happened 14 times, with 10-seeds only winning 10 times in the last 6 tournaments.

And of course the full dashboard is below showing all sorts of statistics on teams and their opponents over the years. Be sure to check out your favorite (or least favorite) teams and see how they have performed over the years. Once the tournament starts, this dashboard will update daily after the final games of the day have concluded. Enjoy!

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