/ Make It A Double: 2 Research Firms Cover Domo

Domo’s platform doesn’t fit neatly into the box of BI software. We’ve asserted this from the beginning, but up until recently, it was hard to explain why. With our product under wraps, we couldn’t show the world exactly how Domo was different.

That all changed in April. After four years and $450 million in funding, we publicly unveiled our product for the first time. It wasn’t long before third-party analysts independently corroborated what we’d been saying all along. 451 Research initiated coverage on Domo with a takeaway that steered clear of the BI label.


It was just the kind of response we’d been hoping for. Recently, another market-leading IT research firm, Ovum, covered Domo as an emerging vendor and praised our go-to-market approach.


You can read the 451 Research report here, and Ovum’s here.

Domo’s business management platform is bigger than BI, analytics, big data, and other buzzwords in tech’s echo chamber. It’s about cutting through the noise to help people focus on what matters – inside and outside the office.

It’s exciting to see that message start to resonate.