/ Is Your Finance Team Set Up to Succeed in a Time of Crisis?

Bruce Felt knows exactly what kind of effect a worldwide crisis can have on business. When the Great Recession disrupted economies globally in 2008-’09, he was the CFO of a Bay Area-based tech firm and therefore highly involved in that organization’s response to the event.

But while Bruce hoped he would never face anything like that again, he is thankful for the experience now. Because as the CFO of Domo at a time when the novel coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies everywhere to take inventory on everything, he not only possesses a professional background he can lean on, he has what he calls “a starting template.”

“I say ‘starting template’ because the COVID-19 outbreak is a very different type of crisis,” Bruce said. “We have yet to figure out how long and how deep it will be, and how it will impact industries, us, and our customers. But the 2008 downturn can still inform some of the ways in which we look at this one.”

How? The answer will come at 2 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 16, when the financial operations and management expert hosts a 45-minute, Domo-sponsored webinar titled “Data for Finance Teams to Manage Through This Crisis.”

During the webinar, Bruce will also reveal the five key principles that guide his leadership approach during a crisis, and the many ways in which he uses Domo to get rapid business clarity on specific and urgent issues.

The way Bruce sees it, there is nothing more important to finance teams right now than having access to any type of data, in real time—and in this webinar, he’ll explain why.

“A completely new reality has been thrust upon us over the last few weeks, and how we as finance leaders respond in this moment and in the months ahead will be vital to the health of our companies,” Bruce said. “We’re all capable of answering the bell. We just need the right foundation and tools.”

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