/ Is data volume making retailers too sluggish?

Fresh off of a great event for Domo at IRCE 2014 in Chicago, I thought I would share a few thoughts and observations that shaped many of the conversations we had with people stopping by to meet us.

Abundance—or overabundance—of “solutions”

The size of the show was impressive with many new offerings for retailers.. It seems that every year there is a new niche vendor that measures customer loyalty, targets potential buyers more socially or serves your ad more readily.

While all of these niche services add some value, based on need, they inherently introduce a new layer of complexity. These new services result in one more thing to monitor, and ultimately one more cost for which retailers have to prove ROI. Fortunately for us, the notion of getting better visibility and actionable metrics from the vast range of disparate data sets that retailers rely on is right in the Domo wheelhouse.

How to make products that make people smile.

Seeing web analytic data on the same screen as inventory and CRM data was enough to make our prospects smile. They about fell off their chair when I showed them the value of joining key elements of these data sets providing insights they never thought possible! Oh and by the way, it connects to all of your systems directly and any of these awesome numbers are easily shared throughout the company with a click of a button. (Insert jaw hitting floor sound here).

As long as there are goods and services to be sold, there will be plenty of companies building ways for you to do it better than the other guy. One more software install here means more data there. For Domo, that is just more opportunities for us to help you see everything that matters to your business, in one place, anywhere you want to be.


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