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CEO.com™ is a website I launched before starting Domo. When I was CEO of Omniture, I was constantly looking for stories and inspiration that would help me be a better leader. I wanted to create a resource to help myself and other executives stay up-to-date with what’s happening at the leadership level across top industries and have the latest strategies and best practices in business management all in one place.

I’m a big believer that nothing can replace the effectiveness (and the gut-wrenching pain) of personal experience. To be honest though, I don’t mind being spared some hurt every once in a while. I’ve learned invaluable lessons from the insights, mistakes and experiences that other CEOs have been willing to share.

This is one reason why I’m thrilled about CEO.com and what we have planned for the year ahead. I love learning what makes people tick, and I’ve been busy interviewing dozens of fellow CEOs. I’m excited to share these feature interviews with you. You’ll hear what motivates them, their biggest mistakes, best lessons learned, and discover the untold stories you won’t find anywhere else. I hope you’ll enjoy reading these interviews as much as I’ve enjoyed doing them.

My first interview is with Reid Hoffman, former CEO of LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to increase your chances at luck, as well as some key lessons from his new book called The Startup of You.

Our original content doesn’t stop there. We’re loading up on more useful information delivered through infographics, CEO lists and other original features. Check out our infographic on the Future Social CEO to see how being a social leader impacts your career and your organization. If you’re in need of additional inspiration, we also posted Six Gutsy CEOs, stories of risky but rewarding moves made by fearless CEOs.

Lastly, our crack editorial team is monitoring hundreds of publications to find the best content for and about the world’s most interesting leaders and deliver it to you each morning. Subscribe to our free newsletters, which provide you with a daily dose of the most effective business strategies and leadership advice all in one place.

I really hope CEO.com becomes your one-stop shop for your CEO-related news, buzz and leadership insights. Give it a test run and let me know what you think.

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