/ Integrate your cloud data with Domo NetSuite connectors

With more than 24,000 customers across 200-plus countries, Oracle NetSuite is one of the world’s leading cloud software providers.

Its unified business management suite allows businesses ranging from startups to enterprises to gain the visibility and control they need to make the right decisions about their business.

With Domo’s NetSuite integrations, you can combine your vast NetSuite data with the rest of your data sources to better understand how your financial indicators impact your business. That way, you can improve your forecasting, collaboration, and confidence.

The NetSuite connectors are primarily used in finance and sales for enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce management, and relationship management.

This can help users answer questions about things like operating expenses, sales opportunities and leads, cashflow by period, income, profit, ARR, and customer churn.

Common connectors Domo customers use with NetSuite connectors include Jira, Quickbooks, Sage, Pinterest, Google Analytics, and Shopify.

Once your NetSuite data is in Domo, your business users can then create dashboards and real-time reports in a way that makes understanding the information easier.

This data can also be combined with your other finance, marketing, sales, and operational data to see the overall business impact of every decision.

Domo’s mobile access makes it simple to see your NetSuite data from anywhere, while alerts can tell you if a KPI is achieved or missed so you can quickly adjust.

Domo’s NetSuite integrations, which are among more than 1,000 turnkey connectors available in the Domo Appstore that bring your data sources together without complex coding (allowing you to quickly combine systems and achieve more value), include:

  • NetSuite App TBA Connector: This connector uses NetSuite’s SuiteScript 2.0 as well as token-based authentication (TBA) to gather all your NetSuite data as securely as possible.
  • NetSuite Writeback Connector: Use a Domo dataset to create records in your NetSuite account. 
  • NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Connector: Pull data from tables you have access to through NetSuite using custom SQL queries.

To download any of the Domo NetSuite connectors from the Domo Appstore, click here. For more details on how to implement and use the connectors, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

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