/ Inside the Making of Domopalooza LIVE & On-Demand

Ever since we decided to embrace this unprecedented time and transform Domopalooza 2020 from an in-person event for 3,000 people in Salt Lake City to one that is 100% digital, we’ve been moving fast, pulling together content for a production that is uniquely Domo and allows us to bring Utah and our great customer stories to you.

It’s been a whirlwind, and as the images below attest, it’s also been a lot of fun. We’ve gone from the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats, where people have broken land speed records, to the salt mines of south-central Utah, a geological marvel on so many levels. We even ventured to the greatest heights of the backcountry, which of course was covered in The Greatest Snow on Earth.

Meanwhile, our product team has been putting the finishing touches on exciting new product announcements, and more than 30 customers and partners—and counting!—have been getting ready to host viewing parties in their home towns.

Indeed, buy-in on this new and different format for Domopalooza has been incredible across the board. For that reason, we can’t wait to experience it with everyone on March 18. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse into the making of the Domopalooza LIVE & On-Demand keynote address …

DP 2020 Keynote
Filming for the Domopalooza LIVE & On-Demand keynote started at the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats, annual site of five major land speed events.
DP LIVE keynote
Filming continued in the beautiful Utah backcountry, on a snow-covered ridge 12,000 feet above sea level.
DP LIVE keynote
Drones and headlamps were put to good use at the Redmond Salt Mine, where darkness was a key prop.
DP LIVE keynote
We also got some footage indoors, which provided the perfect setting for a message about how great companies are leveraging data and Domo to go fast, go big, and go bold.

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