/ How to Rock Dreamforce #likeaboss

Every year, Dreamforce gets bigger and busier. So how can you avoid having your brand get lost in the mix? Here are 9 ways to stand out without screaming for attention (we’re looking at you, stretchy jumpsuit people).

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  1. Command eyeballs – Nearly 200,000 people will descend upon San Francisco this year for Dreamforce. To get maximum visibility, advertise in high traffic areas like airport terminals and baggage claims.
    command-eyeballs DF14
  2. Jumpstart mornings – Nearly everyone gets juiced on java, so help people get going with a free cup of coffee and breakfast. Turns out a complimentary breakfast turns heads.
    jumpstart-mornings-2 DF14
  3. Be everywhere – Dreamforce floods every inch of the Moscone Center. Since many people won’t make it to each of the expo halls, make sure to have a presence in as many places as possible.north-hall-map-2 north-hall-map west-hall-map-2
  4. Create lines – Nothing piques interest like a long line. If you have something worth waiting for, let people wait. A line has a powerful snowball effect that’s more attractive than any booth babe or booth bro.
    create-lines DF14
  5. Have the best swag – Giving away snap bracelets might get you a scan. But giving away Skullcandy Aviators? Now that makes some noise. Be the talk of the show by not giving away something that’s destined to be a teething toy for your child or puppy.
    domo-headphones DF14
  6. Feed the masses – What’s the best way to get people’s attention? Be relevant. And what could be more relevant at lunch time than, well, lunch? That brings in the masses, and the masses are thrilled to talk (read: word-of-mouth marketing) about the cool company that gave them great food instead of just another pen.feed-the-masses
  7. Throw a VIP party – All work and no play makes your book of business rather empty. People deserve to feel important, and they don’t forget the organization that made them feel that way.throw-a-vip-party
  8. Host a reception – You’re not the only one with something to say. Give your audience a place to network and show them you’re willing to do them a service.salt-house
  9. Hit the streets – Don’t be afraid to go old school. If you’ve got something valuable for people to know about—say, free food at the local coffee shop or sandwich bistro—then get out there and pound the pavement. The masses will thank you.hit-the-streets

Now you might be asking yourself, “Wait, isn’t this just a list of cool things Domo is doing at Dreamforce ’14?”

Why, yes. Yes it is. #sorrynotsorry

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