/ How to prepare your workforce for a post-Covid world

As COVID-19 spread and employees went home, workers and business owners alike looked for solutions that would allow work to happen safely.

Now, as countries and states reopen, and workplaces reactivate, business leaders are working to understand what they must do to give their employees, partners, and customers the confidence that everything is okay.

The answer is in the data. But if we’re going to find that answer, our approach to data has to change, because the world of work has changed. And so too has our relationship with data.

A pre-COVID approach just won’t work in a post-COVID world. In a post-COVID world, workers aren’t going to feel safe or secure if the distance between data and decision seems too large, or if the gap between insight and action feels too slow.

Workers of today—and tomorrow—want their own access to data, so they can be informed, and therefore involved, rather than in the position of watching from afar, because the data that matters remains in the hands of a few analysts or data scientists.

Domo fundamentally believes that data works best when the tools exist to democratize it, and that businesses become smarter when the ability to leverage data at cloud scale in record time is in the hands of the many. 

In recent months, we’ve worked with states and municipalities to understand the state of COVID-19, and to help those entities have the real-time information and insights they need to make decisions that benefit their people and their economies.

Through those experiences and others, and in consultation with academics and business leaders, we have developed a list of best practices that we recommend organizations apply in their efforts to reopen, so they can be productive and safe at the same time.

On June 25, we’re going to share these ideas as part of a guide we roll out in conjunction with The Future of Work, a virtual event we’ll be conducting in partnership with Fortune magazine.

To be among the first to get your hands on the manual, register for the event now. To find out who else will be joining us on the 25th to give their perspective on one of the most impactful business matters of these challenging times, check this page daily.

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