/ How Thin and Trim is Your Wallet?

I know people that have a wallet the size of George Costanza’s in “Seinfeld”. They like him must schedule regular time for a chiropractic back spine adjustment. I on the other hand have a wallet with exactly the following:

  1. Bank debit card
  2. Personal Credit Card
  3. Business Credit Card
  4. Drivers’ License
  5. Health Insurance Card
  6. 1 other very thin ID card

At one time my wallet was even half of that.

Everything has to fit inside my trusty Tumi Slim Card Case, so technically it isn’t even a wallet. When I receive something that is a wallet candidate it has to pass the test of will it fit and do I really need it with me all of the time. If it passes those 2 tests then I start the debate of what can I retire because I’m committed to having a slim and trim wallet.

For me social media is like that. I’m somewhat socially active on blogs, Facebook and Twitter and have been for years. I’m active enough for me to follow trends, get news updates, and stay in touch with family and friends. I contribute and participate according to my personal guidelines and time allotment. I allocate a certain amount of time in the day for social media so as networks come and go, I pick and choose which ones will fit in my social “wallet”. Recently Domo asked me to buy a bigger wallet. At least that was my initial thought. But as the days and weeks go by I have realized that what they have really asked of me is to always be aware of wallet candidates. My wallet can stay slim and trim but there may be better things to carry around and use. I need to be constantly trying new things and making evaluations otherwise even my thin wallet will be ineffective. The whole reason I started the thin and trim wallet was to be effective. So I’m committed to be #domosocial, to try new things regularly and to continue to learn and evaluate. But be assured my social “wallet” will continue to be thin.

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