/ How Data Science Makes for More Efficient Organizations

The old adage “time is money” is as apt today as it’s ever been. With everything that’s come with COVID-19, challenges are cropping up for businesses by the hour, if not by the second—and the longer it takes to meet them, the easier it is to lose ground.

Indeed, in order to compete in this ever-changing environment, organizations must be able to tackle any issue that comes their way with record speed and precision.

For companies or departments that are still dedicating large amounts of man hours to processes and projects that can and should be automated, getting to a place of such efficiency may feel out of reach. But the truth is it’s not.

Just ask Jeff Metcalf. Recently, the Vice President-Information Systems for Layton Construction enlisted the expertise of Domo data scientist Vishakha Shenoy to develop and deploy a solution that could enable the commercial contractor to better predict and react to what’s coming. And that’s exactly what the mechanism is doing.

“The results have been staggering,” said Jeff, who oversees all IT, ERP and virtual design efforts for Layton. “We started with a use case that was fairly easy to predict, and from there we’ve just racked up the wins.”

To learn exactly how Jeff and his team got to such a prosperous point, how long it took, and how the ability to forecast has factored into the success of the entire organization, tune into the next episode of Domo’s “Get Leverage” webinar series, Thursday, July 9, at 11 a.m. MT.

Titled “How to Predict and Forecast Critical Business Needs Using Domo’s Data Science Suite,” the 45-minute discussion will also feature valuable insight from moderator Kristie Rowley, who manages Domo’s data science services team.

The three speakers will not only educate attendees on how to choose the right use cases, select the right data sources, and build a solid data pipeline to stand up smart algorithms, they’ll take your questions, so that you can walk away with all the information you need to begin your data science journey in the right fashion.

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