/ How a Credit Union Is Cashing in on BI Leverage

“Standard operating procedure” is a term we’re all familiar with. But as the last several weeks have unfolded, few businesses have been able to carry on working in the manner they are used to.

The COVID-19 crisis is the culprit, of course, and it’s affecting every imaginable industry, causing companies of all shapes and sizes to address issues they’ve never faced before and to look at their processes and practices through a completely different lens.

Financial institutions are no exception. Credit unions, for instance, are now dealing with matters related to stimulus checks, all-time low mortgage rates, potential runs on cash, and members who are suddenly in financial trouble and seeking guidance or assistance.

So, how do organizations like that—or organizations of any type, for that matter—navigate these rapidly evolving market conditions effectively and efficiently? How do they successfully answer an entirely new set of questions?

By having BI leverage, says Brian Jackson. He would know, because BI leverage is exactly what the business intelligence director at Texas Tech Credit Union (TTCU) and his team now possess.

To learn how they got it, tune in to the Domo-sponsored webinar “How Texas Tech Credit Union Activated Its Data to Boost Member Engagement” on Wednesday, May 13, at 1 p.m. ET. During the session, Brian will not only discuss what prompted his search for a system that could help TTCU find BI leverage, he’ll talk about what the capability enables his team to do, and explain how the organizational transformation benefits the institution’s members—especially at a time like this.

“Now is the time to take a step back, look at your processes, reevaluate, and be open to change,” Brian says. “For us, that meant getting to a place where we can actually see what’s going on across the entire organization, which allows us to move with agility and make decisions in real-time. When new questions come up, we can spin up new dashboards and start getting answers within just a few hours. It’s awesome.”

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