/ Happy Birthday to the ChatGPT Demo!

Happy birthday to the initial release of ChatGPT. November 30, 2022 was a day where a lot of people stopped their work to play with a Large Language Model (LLM) developed by OpenAI.

The launch of ChatGPT sent a tidal wave through the tech community. Other LLMs were quickly released by competitors such as Bard from Google and LLaMA from Meta.

This month, we took a look at the timeline of ChatGPT over the past year with a focus on ChatGPT and its competitors.

ChatGPT gets the first mover’s advantage over Bard and LLaMA.

Taking a look at the search trends starting before ChatGPT was announced, we can see traffic for the terms “bard” and “llama,” which makes sense outside of the context of a LLM. The trend score in that first week in release of ChatGPT shows an immediate and massive spike in interest. Then we can see a slight lull followed by even more interest as people started to figure out applications for the technology.

ChatGPT’s competitors haven’t been as popular in terms of public search interest as the chart shows. Bard has had some interest but pales in comparison to ChatGPT.

How did OpenAI’s drama affect its search patterns?

We also know that OpenAI has had an interesting few weeks recently, with the company and its former and again current CEO Sam Altman in the news as well. We took a look at the search interest in the company and CEO vs the product.

As you can see, Sam Altman and OpenAI have had far less interest than their product, until recent weeks when they have actually surged to roughly half the search interest in ChatGPT. Normal, OpenAI the company has less than 10% of the interested Sam Altman had barely registered when compared to ChatGPT.

So, what’s next for ChatGPT in its second year?

Who knows? Artificial intelligence is fast-moving and sometimes dramatic industry. On November 29, 2022—the day before ChatGPT’s release—many of us couldn’t have imagined how our industries would change the very next day. (Although our colleagues who were working on Domo’s AI framework long before ChatGPT may have known a thing or two.)

But we can promise that with Domo on Data, we’ll be tracking how it grows.

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