/ Great expectations.

As CMO, one of my key goals is to create a premier online marketing organization with an enviable social media presence.

I recently joined Domo from SAP. In the last few years at SAP, social was at the top of the marketing agenda. Social tools were increasingly one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and prospects. So, I was delighted when Josh shared with me his plans for the #domosocial experiment. I couldn’t wait to jump on board and help make this vision a reality.

Why am I personally so excited by the #domosocial experiment? The following sums up my excitement and expectations:

  • Increased Social IQ. Having worked in Silicon Valley for most of my career, I was leery coming to a Utah-based company. I wondered if my new colleagues would be as tech savvy as their Silicon Valley peers. Since joining, I am in awe of the talent here at Domo. I am impressed and overwhelmed on a daily basis. I believe the #domosocial experiment is going to make our collective social IQ even higher. Silicon Slopes is setting the bar for excellence.
  • Improved Product Quality. Steve Jobs was onto something when he said: “We really built the first computer because we wanted one. We have the strong belief that we are building product for ourselves.” Here at Domo, we heavily use our own product. We build in features that we, as end users, want to use. If we collectively have more expertise in what is available from a social perspective, it will only make our product that much better.
  • Leveraging employee voices for brand awareness. This experiment is a great opportunity to gage the social skills of Domo employees. My hope is that employees become our best brand ambassadors, further promoting Domo.

While working on this project, Josh asked me if I had any concerns or fears. I had to think about it. While I am unbelievably excited to be working on such a forward-thinking initiative, I do have one concern as the head of marketing: are we going to be good at this? The folks at Domo are good, if not great, at their respective jobs, but I’m worried about how that translates when representing the Domo brand online and in the social world. I’m looking forward to finding out.

I am thrilled to be a part of the #domosocial experiment. I personally want to increase my Social IQ, and discover how we will further push marketing through the latest social technologies.

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