/ Google AutoDraw: Learn To Draw With Help From AI And Artists Around The World

Here at Domo, we love keeping up on the latest news in tech and the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence. Domo recently announced two new features powered by AI: the Alert Center, which learns more about you and your company with each piece of data loaded into it, and Data Science, which leverages AI-powered algorithms to help business decision makers predict key challenges.

You could say that AI has been on our minds recently. That’s why Google’s most recent foray into the world of artificial intelligence, AutoDraw, caught our eye. A “collaboration between machine learning and the artist community,” AutoDraw lets you draw something online, and then uses AI in combination with real drawings done by talented (human) artists to help you make your amateur doodle into a finished product. The AI behind AutoDraw tries to sense what you might be attempting to sketch and provides you with a selection of well-drawn items to choose from. When you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can download, share, or use it however you’d like.

Drawing recognizable images on the computer doesn’t come naturally for most of us. If you needed to draw something you wouldn’t mind sharing with coworkers in a presentation, or in a neighborhood flyer—that’s where AutoDraw comes in.

You can try out the tool in game format here, where you essentially play Pictionary with the computer—you’re given twenty seconds to get the AI to correctly guess what you’re drawing. View the gallery of finished sketches available from real artists here, and submit your own, too.

Innovation in tech is increasingly focused on new ways to use artificial intelligence. As Seth Godin, an entrepreneur, author, and marketer, wrote in a recent blog about AI: “The future of AI is probably a lot like the past: it nibbles. Artificial intelligence does a job we weren’t necessarily crazy about doing anyway, it does it quietly, and well.”

A collaboration between artists, the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, and you, Google AutoDraw is a pretty cool concept.

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