/ App of the Week: Google Analytics QuickStart

In an increasingly connected and competitive world, it’s almost impossible for a business to succeed without an effective, engaging website. Today, companies of all shapes and sizes rely on their owned properties to achieve a variety of ends—from spreading awareness to generating revenue, among others.

While marketers and sales managers receive a wealth of data from their sites, it is nonetheless difficult for them to determine whether each site’s performance is actually optimized. And while big data provides a great deal of insight into how people engage with websites, the sheer number of metrics offered by Google Analytics can be overwhelming—particularly for marketing or sales professionals who are not trained in statistical data analysis.

That’s why there’s the Google Analytics QuickStart app for the Domo business cloud. With Google Analytics Quickstart, sales managers, marketers, and high-level executives can quickly gauge their website’s vital signs to ensure that it’s delivering the engagement and conversions they expect.

Google Analytics QuickStart gives you a quick and easy breakdown of your most important site metrics.

Google Analytics QuickStart is a real-time dashboard that tracks the key trends that
dictate site performance. With just a glance, executives can see which states are generating the greatest share of their revenues, how much their traffic has grown over the past year, and what percentage of their visitors bounced over the past month. But it goes beyond tracking pageviews, revenues, and bounce rate. The app makes it easy for anyone in a company to keep tabs on crucial metrics like daily unique visitors, transactions, goal completions, new visitors, and social media clicks.

Even better, Google Analytics QuickStart takes no time at all to install. Five minutes after you plug your Google Analytics data feed into the app, you’ll be up and running with a full dashboard.

Make key changes in real time.

With all this information at their fingertips, business executives can take the right steps, quickly, to maximize site performance. For instance, say a clothing retailer sees that California is driving the greatest share of their revenues; the retailer might decide to launch a campaign targeted to website visitors from California, perhaps even incorporating California specific images and language into their advertising and marketing creative.

The app also gives managers a heads-up when things are in trouble, empowering them
to investigate before it’s too late. If bounce rates are up significantly year over year, it
may be time to call a meeting with your UX team to figure out what’s making site visitors
flee. Or suppose social media visits are on the decline—you might decide to tweak the
sort of content you’re posting.

These are just a few of the ways that Google Analytics QuickStart puts your finger on
the pulse of all of your most important site metrics. From there, you’ll have plenty of
options when it comes to improving performance moving forward.

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