/ Going Out of My Comfort Zone

I’m a software developer. Being social on the internet has meant furthering my career. I’ve had technology blogs, used Twitter, and talked in forums and newsgroups. None of those interactions were on a personal level. It’s always been about technology or troubleshooting a coding problem I had been having.

The #domosocial experiment was jolting and a bit frightening to me. It felt wrong to talk about myself on the Internet or at work. Gasp! What if co-workers and others got to know what I really like and who I was. This experiment was out of my comfort zone.

I decided to do it anyway. I started a cooking blog. I enjoy good food. The night I published my first article I had a feeling that the next day at work would be interesting. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. A couple of my friends commented on my blog and laughed. They thought it was funny. There was also a joking reference about cooking and how it wasn’t manly.

When I published my second article, a couple of days later, an email was sent to all developers at Domo telling them to check out my Quiche recipe. It was meant as a joke and it was entertaining. I laughed. What was fun for me was that a couple co-workers stopped me and said it was a great recipe.

I guess the moral or advice I would give to those nervous about being social on the Internet would be to just do it. It’s fun making new friends and being appreciated for who you are.

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