/ What If I Told You There’s a Simple Way of Getting More From Your Data Lake?

Chances are, you’ve already made a start on your data and analytics journey. Adoptions of big data and analytics programs are at new heights – globally, 59% of organisations have adopted big data, with more than half (54%) of vendors saying big data is ‘critically important’. But while it’s indisputable that data and analytics is an essential part of business, many organisations are struggling to maximise its efficacy and grow their efforts to scale. According to McKinsey, only a small fraction of the technology’s potential value has been realised – as little as 10%in some sectors.

I’ve heard from many CIOs and technology leaders that they have significant established infrastructure, tools and processes to gain data insights. But while this is proving valuable, many want to find ways to maximise their existing investments and draw more value. And you can – all without having to tear down your existing analytics infrastructure, rebuild or put heavy plumbing in – while also providing clear, easy access to those outside the BI function.

Integrating for Success

The information you need is already within your business’ systems. I’ve seen first-hand how many organisations have invested in building their data infrastructure – setting up large data lakes – but when it comes time to finding information, it can feel akin to fishing.

The key to uncovering valuable business insights that can drive real transformation is digitising these assets through integration. Domo connects directly to 1,000s of data sources anywhere in your organisation, making use of our existing experience to link on-premise databases, cloud applications, spreadsheets, files and custom sources. This overlays existing infrastructure and data analytics projects to share real-time custom insights with those who need the information, without putting additional stress on your analytics team.

Getting More, Not Using Less

At Domopalooza, former Microsoft CIO and General Motors CTO Tony Scott shared his experiences digitising large enterprises to significantly reduce timeframes and improve quality, such as when building a car.

When it comes to integrating disparate systems and sources of information, he simply said “Today, I wouldn’t do it the way I did – I’d just use Domo.”

Wherever you are on your data and analytics journey, it’s possible to get more out of your existing investment and unearth the valuable insights that can drive positive action and business transformation. Rather than ripping and replacing, integrating your existing systems using is the key to getting more from your data lake or other solutions – all in as little as six weeks with Domo’s fast time to value. 

If you’d like to find out more about integrating for success, reach out to me or the Domo team.

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