/ GE HealthCare creates a single source of truth with Domo reporting

Like most companies with offices around the world, GE Healthcare relies on multiple databases to collect and maintain critical business information. Some of these are customized to meet unique local regulations and reporting requirements; others are embedded so deeply in related systems and operational processes that it doesn’t make business sense to consolidate them.

For example, the commercial side of the business, where I work, uses Salesforce for customer relationship management, Aptuus to manage our USCAN quotation process, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and other tools for enterprise resource planning—and those are just the largest.

Use Case

Prior to Domo, when we needed a report on the state of the business for Operating Reviews—whether it was revenue, backlog, actual to estimated performance, or employee metrics—we would export all the relevant databases—many thousands of lines long—filter out the mass of irrelevant detail, and then pull together and format the information we needed. It was so time-consuming that the relevance of the data or business issue might expire by the time the report was complete.

Domo helped us solve our reporting problem without a gigantic rip-and-replace of all our databases worldwide. We use a variety of interfaces to create our datasets including Domo connectors, Magic ETL, and SQL dataflows to pull in the data we need, normalize and deduplicate it into a single source of truth, and then use Domo’s excellent presentation tools to customize a view that helps our audience understand it.


We can now run reports when we need them and complete them while they’re still relevant to the business. The biggest impact has been in our internal revenue reports, where we’ve eliminated duplication for a much clearer picture of where we stand.

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