/ From Curiosity to Discovery: Explore the Fascinating World of Sleepworking Data

Earlier this year, Domo published new research on a new trend we call sleepworking—”Sleepworking: How Employee Disengagement Is Hurting Your Business.” Sleepworking—when employees can’t make an impact on the business or achieve their full potential due to a lack of data and the right tools to access it—is a big, costly problem for companies that often raises more questions than answers. So, we set out to empower you to get your questions about the topic answered with easy-to-use charts using our platform.  

We’ve shared many insights from the research—like the fact that almost half of workers wish they had access to more data so they could be more strategic—and thought it would be fun (yes, we have fun with data all the time!) to share even more detailed responses. Take a look at some of the questions we asked more than 3,000 global respondents (click on the question to see quick results):  

Explore Sleepworking Data from 3,000+ Global Workers 

The data behind all these responses can grow large quickly. Luckily, we have a great data experience platform—Domo—that lets us massage the data into a workable, explorable format. To start, we looked at how to review the responses one question at a time. And while it’s often much maligned in data viz circles, the old-fashioned pie chart is surprisingly good for high-level sharing.  

Check out the chart below. You can use the drop-down to select the question you want to explore. You can filter the responses by country, age group, industry, job level, and work environment (some of the additional information we collected in the survey).  

It was fascinating to dig deeper into this data to understand how and where sleepworking shows up. Using Domo variables, which lets us compare and contrast different groups, we created another view to quickly and easily see the difference in how different demographics answered the same question. Take a look at the charts below to explore answers by different demographics (broken out in the second chart). Use the filters at the bottom to analyze by specific characteristics as well.   

We hope you enjoy exploring the topic and surfacing the sleepworking insights that matter most to you—because we’re all about putting data to work for you so you feel excited to chase your curiosity and get your questions answered easily and quickly. 

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