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Business runs on people. Whether it’s prospects, customers, vendors or employees, almost every data point in your operation represents an action by someone, somewhere.

But action is just one side of the story. The other is emotion. The thoughts, feelings, and opinions of people are what create action down the road; the more you can understand those opinions, the more you can steer action in your favor.

Qualtrics provides an experience management platform that helps businesses quantify the emotional side of their business. By analyzing customer sentiment at every touchpoint, businesses can optimize their operations in real-time to improve the customer experience and drive revenue.

Meanwhile, measuring employee sentiment can identify opportunities to improve the employee experience in a way that boosts productivity and profitability. Feelings about product features, pricing, and brand positioning can drive real-world action that shows up on store shelves.

Discover the Domo Qualtrics integration

Domo’s Qualtrics integration makes it simple to connect your Qualtrics data with the rest of your financial, marketing, sales, and operational data to discover how the sentiments of people are driving the success of your business. 

The Domo Qualtrics Connector is just one of more than 1,000 pre-built integrations available in the Domo Appstore. These connectors make it simple to bring all your most valuable data sources into Domo without any complex coding so you can achieve value sooner.

The Domo Qualtrics integration lets you easily visualize survey result data side by side with your product availability, logistics reports, marketing spend, employee productivity, and more; common connectors Domo customers use with the Qualtrics Connector are Google Sheets, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce, Facebook, and Snowflake.

By comparing survey results with other data sources, you can see how opinions impact action—and vice versa—to drive improvement in both.

You can use the Domo Qualtrics Connector to retrieve data about all of your surveys; dig deep into the details to see questions, responses, and user info for a specific survey; or analyze trends and correlations.

By making this data accessible in Domo, business users across the company can leverage your Qualtrics investment to better understand the impact of their role or department on the customer and employee experience.

Data is accessible via the web or mobile devices, while real-time alerts can inform users when Qualtrics KPIs hit predetermined levels so you can quickly take action.

To download the Domo Qualtrics Connector in the Domo Appstore, click here. For details on implementing and using the connector, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

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