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With solutions that provide mission-critical platforms for ERP, CRM, analytics, and more, SAP is a leader across multiple business categories.

Indeed, more than 200 million people worldwide rely on SAP software to manage their finances, serve customers, and adapt to quickly-changing markets. 

Because SAP’s solutions are based in the cloud, they are able to make data available for users across the enterprise.

However, that’s only one part of the equation; the other part is being able to combine that data with all your other data for complete insight into your operations. And that’s where Domo comes in.

Discover the Domo SAP integrations

Domo provides a number of pre-built SAP connectors as part of its expansive appstore.

These connectors allow you to integrate your different SAP data sources with the rest of your business data without any complex coding so you can achieve a holistic view of your enterprise’s health.

When you can combine your SAP data with your other financial, marketing, sales, logistics, IT, and operations data, you can generate more relevant insights to drive your business forward.

SAP is often used for IoT use cases where a customer needs to work with massive data quantities in real time. For this reason, the SAP connector is often used in conjunction with Domo’s Stream API.

SAP is also used to help leverage other data sources. Common connectors Domo customers use with the SAP connectors are Adobe Analytics, Twitter, Amazon Redshift, Facebook, Snowflake, Salesforce, and Instagram.

The connectors allow you to sync and share real-time SAP data in Domo, giving all your users the information they need to build reports and dashboards.

Domo’s mobile access means all your SAP data can now be in the palm of your hand alongside the rest of your business data.

Customizable alerts can tell you instantly when a KPI is achieved or has deviated from where it should be so you can take action without waiting. 

Here are the current Domo SAP integrations available in the Domo Appstore:

  • SAP Via Workbench Connector: Use this SAP-certified connector to easily bring all your data from SAP into Domo.
  • SAP Ariba Connector: Connect your procurement data to Domo for more insights to control costs, manage spend, and minimize risk.
  • SAP ASE Connector: Retrieve data from an SAP database by inputting an SQL query.
  • SAP ASE SSH Connector: Retrieve data from an SAP database via an SSH tunnel by inputting an SQL query.

To download any of the Domo SAP connectors referenced above, click here. For details on implementing and using the SAP Ariba Connector specifically, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

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