/ Domo (Thank You), Apple

Last weekend, I drew the short straw and won the honors of setting up the wireless network at home. (We recently moved.) I’ve done the wireless network thing before and it’s never been fun or easy. In fact, it’s always been a horrible experience. To make matters worse, after going through the pains of getting wireless set up, I’ve never had the confidence that I did it correctly. Luck more than knowledge seems to have been my guide in getting everything going. Sound familiar?

Well back to last weekend and setting up the new home network. I woke up early and made the coffee extra strong so I could get a jump-start on the task at hand thinking this would take me several hours to figure out and get right. After what seemed to be only four clicks (and one call to our Internet provider to authenticate the device), the wireless was up and running. No pain. No foul language. No calling my techie friends to answer questions about IP addresses and WEP passwords. No second cup of coffee. It was an amazing experience. Really.

Why the difference? This time I used Apple’s Time Capsule (which also serves as a back up device). Not to overstate the obvious, but Apple has really changed the user experience with IT. It’s simple. It works. And despite being such a common sense goal for technology vendors, creating products so simple and easy to use is really complicated to do. IMHO, the experience is a byproduct of genius. So to Apple, I say “Domo” or “Thank you.” Have you had a Domo experience lately?

Try Domo now.

Watch a demo.