/ Domo on the Boulder BI Brain Trust Podcast: 3 things you need to know

Some of the top minds in business intelligence came together in Boulder, Colorado this past July, when Domo paid a visit to the Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT), a collective of high-level independent analysts from across the country.

After giving BBBT’s members an in-depth look at the Domo platform, our own Paul Weiskopf (Senior Vice President) and Mark Dalton (Director of Sales Consulting) dropped by the BBBT podcast to chat with BBBT founder Claudia Imhoff about what makes the Business Cloud so special.

Here are three things listeners learned:

1. Domo lets anyone inside your company make smarter decisions.

On the podcast, Weiskopf explained that while other BI products are built with data specialists in mind, Domo is designed to be visually intuitive in the same way the iPhone is. As a result, business decision-makers—from c-suite executives to front-line workers—can fire up the Domo platform and immediately begin drilling into the data for actionable insights.

2. Data-driven alerts allow you to manage by exception.

When asked about his favorite Domo features, Dalton cited the platform’s capability for proactive alerting, which allows the average business user to easily set up alerts for when key metrics hit certain thresholds. Instead of continuously checking their KPIs, Domo users can focus on other tasks until there’s an alert that requires their attention.

3. Domo’s social tools let you know which metrics your C-suite is most concerned with.

Imhoff was particularly impressed with how Domo’s collaboration features allow employees to follow the activity of their coworkers and executives on the platform. Rather than merely having to guess which metrics are most important to the C-suite, users can visit the CEO’s profile to see which charts they’re looking at and how frequently they’re checking them.

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