/ How do you Domo? Monster mash edition

Halloween may be full of all things spooky and scary, but we hope you’re not living a literal business nightmare today. We’re talking sluggish reports, spending hocus pocus, or last quarter’s metrics back from the dead to haunt you.

Even if you are, there’s a spell to help you handle it all. It’s not magic, but it feels like it. Domo can help you tackle any business question with live data and real-time insights in an instant. It’s got the speed and scale to turn your worst nightmare into a dream come true.

The best part is that you don’t need to be an analyst to analyze data with Domo. Domo helps anyone in any role. It’s so easy, even these Halloween Monsters can use it to track every metric important to them. Check it out.


How Frankenstein uses Domo



How the Wolf Man uses Domo

How the Witch uses Domo


How a Ghost uses Domo




Think you can take on these terrors? Tell us how you Domo in the comments below. Not a Domo user yet? Today’s your lucky day because you can try Domo for free.

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