/ Domo is Different—and That’s a Good Thing

Slightly more than a month has passed since I joined Domo as its chief customer success officer, and I have to say: I love my job.

Every day, I get to talk with customers and hear about their business goals, what they are trying to achieve, and what has kept them from success. Then I get to help them get there.

And boy are they getting there. I’ve been in the tech industry for more than 25 years and I have never seen transformation like what I’m seeing with Domo customers. The following testimonials are just a couple that have stuck with me:

  • “Adopting Domo into La-Z-Boy’s infrastructure has put informative material in the hands of the entire company.”
    — Erika Janowicz, Business Intelligence & Data Manager, La-Z-Boy
  • “What we couldn’t accomplish with our previous BI tool, we were able to accomplish in a week with Domo.”
    — Dominic Blosil, Chief Finance Officer, Traeger Grills

I experienced Domo’s transformational power earlier this year, when I got my first good look at the platform and its capabilities. My initial thought? “This is the next frontier of competitive advantage for all industries.”

Several months on, my feelings have not changed. Real transformation happens when individuals are empowered to take action with data and make it work across the organization. That’s exactly what Domo enables. In an age when IT infrastructures continue to increase in complexity, and the demands for data across the business keep accelerating, that’s more important than ever.

Domo is clearly a difference maker. But don’t take my word for it. Take the results from G2 Crowd’s latest Grid reports, which were released yesterday and were based on real, unbiased user reviews.

People who haven’t used Domo lately might be surprised to learn that we earned the top spot in the “BI Platforms” report and the highest customer satisfaction score (94%) in the “Enterprise BI Platforms” report.

That news won’t shock anyone who is familiar with Domo’s current offerings. Nor will the following stats that also came from the reports:

  • 95% of users rated Domo 4 or 5 stars
  • 90% of users give Domo high marks for ease of doing business with
  • 87% of users would be likely to recommend Domo

It’s a safe bet that your company already has at least one BI or analytics tool in place. But I’d also wager that unless one of those tools is Domo, your company is still unable to put data and insights in the hands of every employee. That’s because, as the G2 Crowd Fall 2019 Grid reports attest, there just isn’t anything like Domo.

If you haven’t experienced Domo lately, I encourage you to sign up for a free trial or ask us about our proof-of-concept opportunities (info@domo.com) so you can see for yourself what the future looks like.

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