/ Domo helps GE HealthCare measure and optimize its professional services

Professional services go hand-in-hand with the sale of modern medical equipment. In many of the markets we serve, customers ask us to help them plan, install, and maintain our solutions. At its core, our professionals’ time and experience provide value for the customer, and there’s a lot that goes into that equation. Our estimates of project duration can be thrown off by scoping errors, system downtime, customer readiness, and a host of other factors. Given that some global regions use different tools and procedures for estimating and recording time spent on projects, we couldn’t get consistent insights into how our professional service teams were performing worldwide.

Use case

We launched a global initiative to automate and standardize entry reporting processes, with a focus on the US and European teams. Applying rigorous metrics to inconsistent time entry categorizations kicked off some frank conversations, but by using Domo to model and modify our approach, we’ve made good progress. Domo gave us the flexibility to define and implement a “realized time-entry process” that works for services professionals on two continents.


We’re still socializing the concept among our teams, but we are looking forward to leveraging Domo for consistent, global time entry metrics.

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