/ ICYMI: Domo Enhanced Its Free Offering To Release Data Professionals From “Tableau Hell”

In the midst of our Austin adventure last week, we also enhanced our free offering to help data analysts more easily scale and share business insights across the organization. With these new features analysts now have the industry’s first end-to-end platform for data connection, preparation, discovery, visualization, collaboration and optimization. Here’s what’s new:

Analyzer – A brand new set of data discovery tools that will be incorporated into the Domo platform and included in Domo’s free offering. With Analyzer, analysts will have one workspace from which they can choose and explore all data sets and simultaneously display data tables alongside visualizations. Other innovative features include a Data Lineage, a path-based view that clarifies which sources were combined to create a given dataset. Analyzer will be available in limited beta release at the end of this month with general availability planned for early 2017.


Workbench – Domo’s powerful client-side tool for easily accessing and uploading high-volumes of on-premise data securely into Domo will now be included in the free version of Domo. Workbench allows analysts who are using free Domo to bring data from behind their firewall into Domo’s platform, making it easy to discover and share insights with business decision makers across the enterprise. This addition bolsters Domo’s unmatched free solution for end-to-end data integration, data discovery and sharing in the cloud.

16-blog-product-workbench-675x400With increased interest in Domo’s free offering, the added features were designed to help data professionals and decision makers leverage the power of Domo’s Business Cloud to more easily discover and share insights to as many data consumers across the organization as they choose. Free Domo accounts can easily be converted into 60-day free trials, bringing the full Domo experience to all users across the enterprise.

Of course, the new free offerings add more decision power to Domo’s already incredibly powerful platform. If you were able to join us in Austin last week, you saw the seven deadly sins of data and the Domo virtues that liberate you from data hell. The infographic below not only reiterates those sins and virtues, but illustrates the importance of having a platform that delivers real-time insights. Check it out:


To learn more about how Domo helps data analysts optimize the way they spend their time and leverage data across their organizations, or to sign up for a free account, click here.

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