/ Data Never Sleeps 5.0

Our fifth version of Data Never Sleeps gives you a glimpse of the mind-staggering rate at which data continues to be created via the consumer internet. What the infographic doesn’t show are the endless bits of data being created, consumed and stored inside every organization on the planet.

Domo was founded because the new way to work is based on getting real-time data into the hands of everyone across the organization. With the proliferation of mobile technology, it’s now possible for just about anyone to create and leverage data. When we released last year’s report, there were more mobile devices on the planet than people. Now, in 2017, more than half the world’s web traffic comes from smartphones, and it’s predicted that 6.1 billion people will have access to a smartphone by 2020.

For all of us, from business users to consumer, the ability to connect and communicate anytime, anywhere helps set the stage for stories told with data of who we are, what we care about and where we should be going. I’m excited by the role Domo has created in helping customers capture that opportunity to change the way business is managed.

See how outrageously fast digital data is multiplying as of 2017.

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