/ Introducing Daily Dose: A live Domo demo series.

You may think you know what Domo’s all about. It brings your data and people together in one place and runs on The Business Cloud, right? But have you ever wondered exactly how Domo can make your 9 to 5 easier? Have you been curious about how Domo turns data into actionable insight?

Now is your chance to find out.

Beginning tomorrow, June 16th, we’ll will be hosting daily live Domo demos. It’s called the Domo Daily Dose, and it’s your chance to see Domo live in action. In just a few minutes of your day, you’ll get to see firsthand how the Domo platform works.

Best of all, we’ll also have time for a Q&A session, so you can ask our experts any questions you might have about Domo and how it can help you in your specific role, in your specific organization.

Ready to get down to the details? Sign up now for a 20-minute live introduction that fits your schedule, and see how Domo can help you become more successful in your role.


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