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Like light bulbs, smoke alarms, and public transportation, printers are one of those things you never really consider until they’re not working correctly… at which point, they become the only thing you can think about. If a malfunctioning office printer has ever left you scrambling minutes before an important meeting, you no doubt understand what I’m talking about.

PrinterLogic is an enterprise software company that helps businesses avert these kinds of disasters by completely eliminating the need for print servers, the source of most major enterprise printing problems. In addition, PrinterLogic’s web-based application empowers IT to convert their entire printer environment to centrally managed direct IP printing and enables end users to install their own printers. The result is a significant reduction in print-related infrastructure, help desk and consumable costs.

But while PrinterLogic excels in making offices run more smoothly, its own business was in need of some help streamlining its data analysis. With corporate information siloed across eight different platforms, PrinterLogic was left with millions of rows of data and no way to easily combine them into a coherent picture of business performance.

“There was no way for our executive team to pull a comprehensive report quickly – you had to spend hours and be versed in eight different platforms to get what you needed. It was too much to ask of the team responsible for executing our strategic business objectives.” – Shane Harris | Manager of Business Enablement & Analytics

Fortunately, PrinterLogic came to the right place. Domo’s platform allowed the company to funnel all eight data sources into a single location, without forcing PrinterLogic to invest in additional technical resources. With everything centralized in one platform, PrinterLogic was then able to monitor its KPIs in real time—and make faster, better decisions to move the business forward. Even better, the company was able to use Domo to determine exactly how certain metrics were impacting the bottom line. As a result, PrinterLogic can now forecast its future bookings with over 90% accuracy.

“When we were evaluating whether to go with Domo, we looked at how we could prove an ROI for implementing it. We were paying really high-level, high-salaried individuals to spend at least 20 hours a month pulling reports. By automating the reporting, the ROI came in a very short amount of time. It was a no brainer.” Shane Harris | Manager of Business Enablement & Analytics

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