/ Corda Has Been Acquired!

Today is an exciting day. With today’s news announcement, it’s game on. We officially begin the crusade to fix the fundamental problems in today’s business intelligence market.

So why this space? At Omniture, I saw what customers received about web analytics. We were providing real-time web data to thousands of companies and helping them DO something with it; make money from it. Yet I didn’t have access to the type of information that was important to me as a CEO. I’ve talked with countless CEOs who have the same challenge. They really don’t know their business the way they want to know their business.

Imagine being a bank CEO and not having real-time insight into your deposits; or being CEO of a manufacturing company and not knowing the current capacity of your factories. Problem? Absolutely. Solvable? For certain.

When I left Adobe following its purchase of Omniture, I started Shacho Inc. to begin the process of fixing these problems. Shacho bought Corda Technologies in October 2010 as one of the first steps to deliver on this vision. We’ll rename the combined company in the near future and unveil a new company website. I’m excited about what we’re building here and look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

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