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Domo has a history of celebrating top community contributors through its Community Awards. But with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to cancel the awards ceremony each of the past two years, several outstanding contributors haven’t received the recognition they deserve.

Until now.

With this community blog post, we’re shining a light on the latest batch of award winners, all of whom are among the best we’ve ever had.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the winners of this year’s Community Awards, which were created to honor outstanding Domo community achievements:

­­­Grant Smith: Dojo Black Belt

Sweetwater Sound

Grant is the first to achieve Black Belt status since we relaunched the Dojo in 2021. Climbing to such a rank is no small feat. In addition to helping people solve difficult questions in the Dojo, Grant is actively involved in Domo’s beta program and has spoken at many events. Thanks, Grant!

Aquib Mehdad: Dojo Rising Star


Aquib is an impressively fast rising star on our community forums. As a newer member of the community, he has climbed six belts on the Dojo in the past year. In addition, Aquib had the two most popular ideas in a recent community identity poll. Thanks, Aquib!

Mark Snodgrass: Top Product Idea

NLC Mutual Insurance

Mark submitted the top product idea in 2021, which was “Status of Ideas in the Ideas Exchange” (14 upvotes). Not only does Mark frequently submit great ideas, but he’s also the second all-time leader on the Dojo, leads the most active private company board, and had multiple entries in the #ISolvedItInDomo competition. Thanks, Mark!

Ashleigh Stevenson: All-star Advocate


Ashleigh is one of the most engaged members of the Dojo and is always advocating for the Domo product. In 2021, Ashleigh helped put together a Domo + CAE USA customer success story, completed multiple surveys, left online reviews, and continually engaged and supported Domo. We appreciate Ashleigh’s willingness to share her knowledge and Domo success story with others. Thanks, Ashleigh!

Scott Wagner: All-star Advocate

Mayer Electric

Scott has gone above and beyond to share his love for Domo and his success story. He participated in analyst interviews, left online reviews, filled out surveys, helped with blog posts, and even spoke during a Domo webinar. We appreciate his continual engagement and support of Domo. Thanks, Scott!

Michelle Hamad: Top Content Producer

RWI Logistics

Michelle was one of the top submissions in the #ISolvedItInDomo competition. She outlined a unique solution to a geographic data problem. Be on the lookout for when her article posts on Domo.com. Thanks, Michelle!

Garett Hansen: Top Content Producer


Garett was one of the top submissions in the #ISolvedItInDomo competition. He wrote a very concise solution that has broad applicability for anyone looking to keep track of changes to a data set. We’re excited to share his article with the community on Domo.com. Thanks, Garett!

Beau Detcher & Stephanie Butterbrodt: Beta All-stars


Both Beta All-stars come from EJ, a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of access solutions for utility networks. Chuck Irwin, leader of the Beta program here at Domo, was especially impressed by the pair’s consistency and great feedback. Thanks, Beau and Stephanie!

Bryan Van Kampen: Community Builder

BT Partners

Bryan deserves the community builder award for his service in running the weekly Domo power user group and continued engagement on the Dojo. The power user group was originally started by a Domo employee, but when COVID-19 hit, Bryan picked up the baton and has been carrying it ever since. Thanks, Bryan!

Kyle MacNamara: Community Builder


Kyle has been a pioneer with Domo. This past year he volunteered to write the first article on our new customer content community blog on Domo.com. He has been involved with Domo since the early days and continues to drive thought leadership in the community. Thanks, Kyle!

Jae Wilson: Community Builder

Sony Playstation

Jae has been a crucial member of our community for years. In 2021, he organized and ran an EMEA community user group conference that was a huge success. He also creates valuable content and answers questions in the community to help everyone up-level their Domo skills. Thanks, Jae!

Congratulations to our 2022 Community Awards winners! Thank you for all you’ve done sharing your Domo knowledge with fellow users. We’re excited to continue to grow the community program and recognize more community members next year.

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