/ From Co-Workers to Team Zombie Fighters

I must start off with a confession. I’m now on Pinterest. But just to be clear, I have never repinned anything containing arugula, feta cheese, dried flowers, or chiffon (the cake – material is another story).

That being said, not all of us here at Domo are newbies to social media. Some of us have experimented. Some are recreational users. Others are so whacked out that they “check in” at the dinner table (@nedadams anyone?).

Aside from LinkedIn, we’ve been conditioned for no apparent reason to keep our online social lives and our actual work lives apart. Far enough to drive a @certifiedhay truck between them.

A few weeks ago our lives at Domo changed when our founder and CEO @joshjames announced our #domosocial media experiment. A number of apprehensive work friends jumped into the inviting waters of social media. They quickly found out it wasn’t as bad as they thought. They started to post thoughts, observations and photos on Facebook. They got their Twitter accounts and fumbled with hashtags but began tweeting feverishly. People began “checking in” at the office, in conference rooms, at cubicles and even at our famed @stumpwatch table.

For me, here’s where I think things got really interesting. I became Facebook friends with coworkers I didn’t know. Seriously. I didn’t know their faces or their names. I started following them on Twitter and vice versa. Messages started blossoming back and forth, commenting on each other’s Instagram photos or repinning things we had in common on Pinterest.

I can now walk down the hallways at work and I know just about every person in our company. In less than a month, Domo has managed to bring everyone closer. Familiar. We are finding commonalities. I know that @barlowk8 loves the Dodgers and knows more about baseball than I do. @amazingcube is a rabid soccer hooligan and knows what the inside of a paddy wagon looks like. @jasontcheney spends a lot of his dough on skinny jeans and pointy shoes. @beingsunnydeep works out an insane amount of time. When the zombie apocalypse hits, I’m riding in his car.

Domo is rapidly setting itself apart from other companies. Smarts. Talent. Social. Oh, and we will have the best dressed, baseball bat wielding, balling, Chuck Norris zombie fighters ever.

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