/ Changing Our Reality – Facebook’s Timeline

I do not like this new facebook. I do not like it on a train. I do not like it in the rain. I do not like this brand new feed. I do not like it, nosiree. –Sara

Many of us like my friend Sara woke up one morning to find the Facebook layout had completely changed. The outrage on my newsfeed continued throughout the day as users sought to find the information that used to be so easily accessible to them and tried to sort through the news ticker. Debates started between my friends as they argued whether or not Facebook users were the consumers or the product, while others even threatened to leave Facebook completely. Unlike many of my counterparts, I knew f8 was beginning that day and that they had something up their sleeve. This layout change wasn’t another Netflix media nightmare. Facebook was about to change the user experience forever.

Facebook’s introduction of Timeline was in complete contrast to the unannounced layout changes they had implemented throughout the years. It was spelled out. Each element was demoed. And it was limited to a select few. Facebook completely changed the game and the user experience. All of the other social media platforms, like Google+, were left competing with the old Facebook. New Facebook now positioned themselves light years ahead of the competition and made users like me salivating for Timeline.

I thought about this experience and it reminded me that we don’t know what we don’t know. And sometimes it takes someone to come in, disrupt our way of thinking, and show us a new way to do things, something so unlike anything we could imagine that it completely shifts our reality. That is something we are hoping to do here at Domo. To change the reality of BI.

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