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Growing Your Pipeline with Mobile BI

mobile bi solutions for sales

Whether you’re away from the office for a few hours or several weeks, your success at generating new leads and winning new deals often hinges on how mobile-friendly your access is to the latest intelligence on your prospects. To get the latest intel on a client or perform an accurate opportunity assessment, do you have …

Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

data-driven CMO

Think of that executive you know with her head always bent to her smartphone, checking several different dashboards, and lost somewhere in the datasphere. Got that picture clearly in your mind? Good. That’s not the kind of data-driven CMO we’re talking about. The data-driven CMO has seven little secrets that give her an edge on …

Millennials and Mobile Technology


At Domo, we’re obsessed with applying technology to improve the way business is managed. Last year, we established the Domo Scholarship for Business Management, designed to help up-and-coming leaders compete more effectively as new technologies and data’s role in business continue to increase in practice and importance. The 2013 application was focused on eliciting what …

Mobile Productivity: Why It Isn’t Delivering and Why That Will Change


Me and my smartphone are inseparable—just ask my wife. And because of that, I’m part of a larger global trend that’s on track to reach a major milestone. At some point during the course of this year, Comscore predicts that mobile device usage will eclipse that of desktop usage. Pretty remarkable if you think about it.  …

3 Aspects of Mobile Business Intelligence that Retailers Must Get


Sometimes you are not at work or in front of a computer – though it does not always feel like it. Whether you are at home eating dinner, on vacation for several days, or even just asleep, your business is still happening. In today’s worldwide, always-on economy, it is simply impossible to stay connected to …

Mobile BI Meets ROI

Ok. You already know that mobility is kind of a big deal in business intelligence. A recent survey from TechTarget shows that while only 9% of companies currently have a mobile BI solution, that number is projected to grow to 48% in the next year

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