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Marketers: it’s time to act on your data.


Marketers today know more about their businesses than ever before thanks to data, but knowledge isn’t enough to benefit the company’s bottom line. It’s easy to kick back and pat yourself on the back after collecting data, but the reality is that the best marketers are moving past data exploration and putting it into action. …

Marketers have the CEO’s ear—but do they have enough data to keep it?

data-driven cmo

IBM’s latest Global C-Suite Study surveyed 4,183 top executives in 20 industries from around the world, and the resulting report has some interesting things to say about the CMO. First, the CMO has the CEO’s ear more now than ever before, second only to the CFO. The report states that 63% of CMOs surveyed are …

An Insider’s Guide to Dreamforce 2014 – Tips and Tricks to Having an Epic Show


Dreamforce is one of the biggest events of the year and it can be downright scary. But don’t worry. With a few simple tips and tricks you’ll be a Dreamforce pro in no time. Here’s your insider’s guide to pure #DF14 domination. 1. Be engaged in social media Use hashtags! In today’s social media world, …

15 Influencers to Follow Leading Up to Dreamforce

who to follow dreamforce 2014 DF14

Dreamforce starts in just three days! With 150,000+ people from around the world descending on San Francisco for one event, things are bound to get crazy — including your social feeds. Whether you’re attending or not, your feeds are likely to be inundated by #DF14 tweets on a myriad of topics. You can count on …

The Need for Big Data-Fueled Marketing BI

Big data-fueled marketing bi

Data exhaust. Cyber shadow. Digital footprint. Turns out our passionate embrace of all these interconnected digital devices is leaving a kind of transactional trail that, in the aggregate, has come to be known as Big Data. We are creating enormous quantities of the stuff, and modern organizations are increasingly eager to poke around in it. …

(More) Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

more secrets of the data driven cmo

If data were water, then many marketers are trying to drink from a fire hydrant. Even within the marketing department alone, there’s an impossible amount of information for one person to keep track of day in and day out. Here are two more secrets, pull from our executive brief “7 Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO,” …

3 Data-Driven Tips for Veteran CMOs and Marketers

3 Data-Driven Tips for CMOs

I‘ve always been comfortable being the youngest person in a conversation, which I credit to my two older sisters and parents who excitedly discussed and debated anything and everything around the dinner table. I also started kindergarten a year early and entered college before I was old enough to vote, making me the youngest one …

Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

data-driven CMO

Think of that executive you know with her head always bent to her smartphone, checking several different dashboards, and lost somewhere in the datasphere. Got that picture clearly in your mind? Good. That’s not the kind of data-driven CMO we’re talking about. The data-driven CMO has seven little secrets that give her an edge on …

Do “data-driven” marketers lose their creativity?

data killing creativity

Domo’s CMO, Heather Zynczak, recently sat down with Crimson Marketing’s CEO Glenn Gow to discuss data’s growing role in marketing, how marketers need to re-strategize around data and if being data driven detracts from marketers’ creativity. Below is a brief excerpt. You can listen to the 22-minute event here. Gow: So, interesting, so I’d say …

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