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The Definitive Framework for Sales Metrics

framework for sales metrics

This blog post is extracted from the SiriusDecisions Research Brief “The Definitive Framework for Sales Metrics,” available for free on the Domo Learn Center. … THE EXPERIENTIAL DATABASE Sales leaders are regularly asked three seemingly straightforward questions by their chief executives: What happened, what will happen, and why are things happening as they are? One …

Wringing Data from Your 3000lb Computer


I’m an auto enthusiast. There are few things in this world that I appreciate more than the sexy shape of an Aston Martin, or the ridiculous number of horsepower that Porsche can eek out of a six-cylinder engine. I’m also (to a slightly healthier degree) obsessed with data and analytics, and for some time I’ve …

How Data Makes the NBA Infinitely More Accessible—and Interesting


@JoshJames: Wow!! @jimmerfredette had the best game [of] his career!! Dropped 24 on the Knicks. Leads NBA in 3 pt % If you’ve been keeping up with our blog recently, you can tell two things: we’re data geeks, and we love sports. I’m beginning to think it’s because sports give us an opportunity to …

You’re focusing on the wrong metrics!


I love sports. I love numbers. I love analyzing. As a kid my mom would complain that I wouldn’t read books, I would only read the sports section of the newspaper. And even in the sports section, the majority of my time was spent reviewing all the stats. In the 80s the sport that had …

How to Survive the 2013 Holidays with Real-Time Insights


The holiday shopping predictions have trended lower this year, but what does that mean for your business? Are clothing retailers going to face above-average dividends with all the snow and cold plowing through the US? Will electronics retailers hold their high margins, or are they going to have to severely discount their products to drive …

The Best Way To Organize Your Plate On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is largely a food holiday. At the Roden household, we always mix in shooting guns and throwing the Nerf football on the street. For the most part, it is about cramming my seemingly ever-expanding extended family into a small home and eating the traditional cornucopia of food staples synonymous with this great American holiday. …

My World Series Dashboard Metrics

As a Yankee fan, I am appalled at their post-season offensive performance this year. The Yankee archives have volumes of postseason history but I don’t know if anyone expected a chapter in their storybook where they would set a record for the worst team-offensive performance ever. In the game of baseball, the general consensus is …

What the Classroom Taught Me About Dashboard Design

Before working at Domo, I taught middle and high school. When I first started teaching, I was hounded with advice. “It’s okay to use worksheets.” “Don’t feel bad about assigning the chapter and questions.” “Feel free to copy exactly what I’m doing.” Though these suggestions were appreciated and sounded like an easy way to teach, I realized

Less is More … or Is it?

In a recent customer survey we asked how many unique key performance indicators (KPIs) they use in their company. We had choices from under 10 KPIs to over 1,000 KPIs. This chart shows the results of the survey

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