/ Big girl pants

I tend to be a little slow to catch on. I’m still trying to catch up with fashion trends of 3 years ago. I now own skinny jeans and wedges and also a mac, an iPhone and an iPad so I generally feel pretty good about myself. However, I am a little resistant to change because I value comfort. Sometimes I begrudge new things and new trends because I don’t want to have to learn new things. For the most part, I believe in the old adage, “If it aint’ broke, don’t fix it.” However, I work for a company that challenges the way things are. Finding big holes in a multi-billion dollar industry and innovating a product to fill those holes.  Technology is the core of our entire business and staying ahead of the curve is crucial to being competitive. And to prove that, the gauntlet was thrown last week to the company and to the world. Domo is challenging all of its employees to embrace and engage in all forms of social media and technology.

My first reaction: ugh.  Second reaction: double ugh.  In the meeting, I couldn’t keep up with trying to look up words in the urban dictionary as the lists of tasks were read. Josh might as well have been speaking Japanese. He actually might have been. What the hell is a klouchebag and why would I want to be one? Or wait, is it have one? Or wait, is it that I don’t want to be one? I don’t know! What’s the difference between an iTunes store app and a Chrome app? Did he just say there would be badges? I like badges.

After considering heading up a defiant revolution, I slowly came to realize how cool the experiment actually is and why I’m the perfect candidate for something like this. I’ve used a few of the items on the list and I’m not completely devoid of social know-how. And also realizing this stuff is here to stay, no matter how long I resist. So, let’s do this. I’ll put on my big girl pants and go for it. A special thanks to Ned for pointing out that my Klout score is 10 and his is 55. If I really knew what that meant, maybe I’d feel worse, but I don’t. I also don’t feel bad that I sent my first tweet and had no followers. I’m tweeting for me, people!

Domo is taking a big risk with this experiment: letting their employees be the voice of the company. But, that’s just the kind of company Domo is. A company that hires great people and expects them to do great things and trusts them to do so. A company that sees value in this experiment and that is counting on a big reward. Domo doesn’t just want a product that works, but a product that kicks ass: to dominate in an industry with mediocre products. This space is broken and Domo is fixing it.

Try Domo now.

Watch a demo.