/ Becoming a Constellation Mainstay and Launching the Domo Media Suite

When it comes to selling someone on the power of the Domo platform, there’s nothing more useful than a third-party testimonial.

That’s why last week’s announcement that Domo made the Constellation ShortList™ for Marketing Analytics Solutions—for the fourth time, I might add—was so well received around here.

In determining its list for Q1 2019, Constellation Research, a technology research and advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, examined what various business intelligence and analytics providers offer and “filtered the signal from the noise,” chairman and founder Ray Wang said.

Ten criteria are considered with this fundamental question in mind: Is the solution powerful enough for marketing data scientists but simple enough for non-technical marketers to operate?

The six winners are the marketing analytics solutions that Constellation analysts recommend to all of their clients, who seek to transform their businesses through the early adoption of disruptive technology.

“No marketing department can succeed today without the ability to demonstrate its impact,” said Nicole France, principal analyst and vice president at Constellation Research. “Marketing analytics tools make it possible to track progress and adjust activities to improve marketing effectiveness and show results for the business.”

New Tool for Marketers

Speaking of marketing, we’re also excited to announce the launch of our Domo Media Suite, a tool that allows customers to:

  • Easily analyze the digital media they are buying and selling
  • Optimize and report on performance
  • Drive more value from their digital advertising campaigns

The Domo Media Suite consists of two apps—the Programmatic Buying App and the Programmatic Revenue App—and an automated wrap-up report capability, which simplifies the time consuming and repetitive task of campaign performance reporting.

Hearst Magazines Digital Media is using the focused invention to navigate complex and unconsolidated data from multiple demand-side platforms and ad servers.

With the Programmatic Buying App, the media powerhouse can quickly measure the success of its campaigns and make changes to optimize performance and generate greater revenue.

“In this ever-changing world of audience acquisition and monetization, the media industry needs a better way to manage their systems and data in order to build and sustain their audiences,” said Domo’s founder and CEO, Josh James. “The Domo Media Suite is designed to do just that.”

Learn more about the Domo Media Suite here.

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