/ AutoML: Making machine learning accessible for everyone

For too long, a critical component to business intelligence—data science—has been reserved for only the most technically-savvy and highly-trained experts.

This left business users unable to tap the power of data science to solve business problems, forcing them to wait for their data science colleagues to gather and prepare data, train and test models, and incorporate predictions and insights into the business.

To make data science available for all, we’re excited to launch automated machine learning (AutoML) as part of our March 2021 release.

AutoML helps turn your business users into data scientists by automating the data science process so they can go from data to data models to outcomes faster.

AutoML automates all the manual work of data science model selection. You can use Domo’s powerful ETL tools—built right into the solution—to integrate, clean, and transform data, which for many can be one of the most challenging parts of the data-to-analyzation process.

It then uses Domo’s deep integration with Amazon SageMaker Autopilot to automatically train and test dozens of machine learning models in order to find the one that will help your users best accomplish their goal.

The result is that everyone can now integrate data science into their work without complexity, allowing them to get started faster and iterate more frequently. This means your time to value from your data science projects decreases dramatically.

Not only does AutoML make data science accessible for all, it enables your dedicated data science experts to focus on more complex data science initiatives that will ultimately unlock new insights and value.

Your data science team will also be able to use AutoML on their own projects, freeing them from the manual and inaccurate processes that keep them from delivering the highest ROI.

As one of the first AWS partners to achieve AWS Machine Learning Competency status in the new Applied AI category, Domo gives its customers the ability to leverage intelligent solutions for their business.

This designation recognizes Domo’s deep expertise in building and integrating ML solutions on AWS, with AutoML being just our latest example.

AutoML is one of the most exciting features we’ve ever launched because it allows all of our customers to accelerate their data science journey regardless of the stage they are in.

We encourage all of our customers to experiment with AutoML, as it has the potential to unlock new insights that may have been difficult or impossible to access before. 

To learn more about how AutoML can help you identify and train model candidates while helping you build out use cases for how to incorporate—or more deeply incorporate—data science into your organization, click here, or contact a Domo representative.

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