/ New Domo Data Science Suite Unleashes the Power of Advanced Analytics

We’ve all heard it or even seen the stats to back it up: The volume of data generated each minute grows exponentially.

In fact, if IDC’s predictions are to be believed, the world will eclipse the 170 zettabyte threshold by 2025. That’s five times what was created in 2018.

For that reason, there has never been a bigger opportunity for businesses to gain proactive insights into all the information available to them. That’s why Domo is so excited to announce the Domo Data Science Suite, a new offering that brings both basic and advanced data science capabilities directly into the Domo platform, making it simpler and faster to automatically deliver new insights directly to decision makers across the business.

Domo customers already familiar with Mr. Roboto’s advanced capabilities will find new ways to make it possible for people all across your organization, not just data scientists, to gain insights from advanced analytics to truly digitally transform your business.

  • Data science action tiles: Newer analysts can use any of the six data science actions by combining drag-and-drop tiles with the joins, appends, and groups already simplified in ETL. The six pre-built data science actions are Classification, Forecasting, Outlier Detection, Multivariate Outliers, Clustering, and Prediction.
  • R and Python scripting action tiles: Expert data scientists can write custom machine learning algorithms using “R” and “Python” tiles to analyze directly in Domo’s secure environment.
  • Consulting services: And to ensure every user gets the most out of these new capabilities, Domo will now offer Data Science Consulting Services staffed with PhDs in data science to help novice and expert users alike prepare, assess, analyze, prepare, and implement the data you need to take action now.

Domo’s new Data Science Suite is available for purchase to all Domo customers and deployed centrally through the Domo platform, so it’s easily scalable and even easier to get up and running.

We’re committed to making digital transformation easy for all our customers. For more information about the Domo Data Science Suite, click here.

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