/ Are You Still Using Spreadsheets? (Unfortunately, You’re Not Alone.)

I loved this recent post on The Data Doghouse, which underscores why “spreadsheets from hell” are still the most pervasive BI tool for business users. Last year’s TDWI study on Visual Reporting agrees. That survey found that nearly two-thirds of BI users are still staring at tables of numbers and text as their predominant form of analysis. (If you want to download the TDWI report, it’s available in the Domo Resource Center.)

The report author goes on to write, “Although some data is better suited to non-visual rendering, it’s clear that old habits die hard. Many executives and managers, for example, have run operations for years using text-based budgets and plans created in Excel.” What makes you scratch your head, though, is that 74 percent of those same BI users also acknowledge that data visualization has a “very high/high” impact on improving business insight. How’s that for a paradox? Visual reporting is admittedly better in most cases, but we keep gravitating to the spreadsheets.

Domo decided to tackle this issue head on with a new webinar titled, “Still Using Spreadsheets? 3 Reasons to Change the Way You Manage Your Business and Adopt a Visual Approach.” If you’re struggling with the status quo at your organization, it’s worth a watch. The webinar highlights three companies that made the switch from spreadsheets and have seen dramatic gains in productivity and the bottom line. Watch the webinar below and then share your comments or questions.

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