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In a given year, corporate travel managers generate a substantial amount of data around the hotels they book on behalf of employees and executives. The only problem is that most of them don’t have the right tools to make use of this information.

Indeed, any travel manager would be well-served to know which hotel in a given city has provided the lowest average rate over the past five years, or how much business they give to one of their vendors each quarter. But unless they want to go cobbling together receipts from individual transactions, the vast majority of travel managers don’t have access to these insights. As a result, they’re left at a disadvantage when it’s time to negotiate deals with their hotel partners.

That’s why we worked with Christopherson Business Travel to build the Hotel Spend Analyzer app for the Domo Business Cloud. With this piece of software, travel managers can get to the bottom of their historical hotel spending by analyzing all the rooms they’ve booked within a geographic region.

Hotel Spend Analyzer reveals the underlying trends of your hotel bookings.

Hotel Spend Analyzer automatically ingests data from Christopherson’s AirPortal platform, empowering travel managers to see a region-by-region breakdown of their hotel booking history. The app brings up a map of the world, with each region bearing a marker that denotes how many room nights you’ve booked in it over the time period of your choice.

Hotel Spend Analyzer

By clicking on a region, you’ll see key information about every hotel you’ve done business with, including the number of nights you’ve booked, the total amount of money you’ve spent, and the average daily rate they’ve given you over the course of your relationship. Best of all? Every one of these metrics is continuously updated in real time.

Optimize your hotel booking with data-backed insights.

Hotel Spend Analyzer gives you the information you need to lower your lodging costs and improve the travel experience of employees.

The app is particularly useful for creating RFPs for your future bookings. For example, finding the average daily rate you’ve received in a given region can help you set a benchmark for what you’re willing to accept in your next contract. Or, if your past history tells you that you book a certain number of nights in a region every year, you can use this volume as a bargaining chip for lower rates or better amenities for your travelers.

Like all of Domo’s apps, Hotel Spend Analyzer succeeds in taking your most useful information out of a spreadsheet and into an interactive dashboard that allows you to execute against it. When you have the right data at your fingertips, it really is incredible what you can achieve.

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