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Dojo Day

What it is: Domo Dojo Day is a unique opportunity to have your toughest product questions answered. Submit questions in the Dojo and enjoy expert responses from product gurus.

When it’s scheduled: Wed., December 16, 2015, 9 AM to 4 PM (MST)

Who it’s for: Domo customers

Why attend: According to Dojo Community Manager, Dani Weinstein, “The Dojo is evolving as a great place to get answers. Domo Dojo Day will provide our customers with additional value by getting real time access to some of our top consultants and support personnel.”

Where to learn more: http://dojo.domo.com/dojoday

About Dojo

We created the Dojo as a community for Domo customers to ask product questions, submit ideas for improvements, and learn best practices from expert users. Since its introduction at Domopalooza back in April, more than 1,000 users have registered.

The Dojo is an active community that’s shaping the future of Domo. Numerous product enhancements suggested in Dojo have already been implemented into our platform, with many more currently under review by our product development team. Who better to help us improve our business management platform than the customers who use it daily?


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