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Google needs no introduction. Businesses of every shape and size use the tech giant’s products for everything from reaching customers to collaborating with colleagues to powering their infrastructure.

Given that Google is likely to be one of your major sources of data, it’s important that you’re able to connect that data with other data sources to understand your overall business performance.

That’s why Domo has created more than 30 pre-built APIs that enable you to easily bring data from your various Google sources into Domo for all-new insights.

By using the Google connectors, you can easily access website analytics to answer questions about user behavior on your website, such as page views, visit counts, product sales, bounce rates, and conversions.

These connectors also let you easily combine your Google analytics with other online traffic sources; common connectors that Domo customers use with Google connectors include Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can connect.

Domo’s Google Connectors for Analytics

There are several connectors that can help you generate more insight from your Google Analytics. The Google Analytics Connector and Google Analytics Enterprise Connector help you extract data from the Google Analytics API so you can incorporate detailed statistics about your website’s traffic, sales, and conversions into your business reporting.

Note that when the report uses sample data, the sampled data is optimal, which can cause output discrepancies when comparing the Google API data to the reports available in the Google Analytics reporting tool.

When starting out, consider also deploying the Google Analytics QuickStart App, as its Base Metrics report has many of the fundamental metrics that are key to a Google Analytics dashboard. Other connectors include:

Domo’s Google Connectors for Productivity

Google Sheets has become the spreadsheet program of choice for businesses around the world. With the Google Sheets Connector, you can combine your data in Google Sheets with other business data sources for additional insights while making the data more accessible through dashboards and reports that users can reference from their mobile devices.

Here’s a tip: Because Google Forms does not currently have a connector, convert it into a Google Sheet and then use the Google Sheets Connector to import the data into Domo. Other connectors include:

Domo’s Google Connectors for Webmasters

Your website is only as good as its ability to be found. The Google Search Console Connector lets you easily create reports and dashboards outlining site map errors, warnings, and other details about how your website shows up with Google’s indexing service so you can optimize its performance.

Meanwhile, the Google PageSpeed Insights Connector can help you analyze your site’s performance from within Domo so you can identify how to make it faster and more mobile-friendly. Other connectors include:

  • Google Admin SDK Reports Connector: Gain insights into content management issues, audit administrator actions, and generate customer and user usage reports. You can authenticate with a service key or OAuth. 
  • Google Tag Manager Connector: View your tag data in Domo to track tags and related code fragments on your website or your mobile app. 

Domo’s Google Connectors for Marketers

Google’s ad network lets you reach customers not only when they search, but as they browse millions of websites across the web.

The Google Ad Manager Connector lets you gather ad unit data and combine it with other business data to gain an accurate understanding of the revenue your ads drive across all screens, formats, and sales channels. Other connectors include:

  • Google AdSense Connector: Analyze ad spend and conversions from the targeted ads you place on third-party websites through Google’s AdSense network.
  • Google Search Ads 360 Connector: Analyze data about accounts, ad performance, group targets, and more as you manage search marketing campaigns across multiple engines and media channels. 

Domo’s Google Connectors for BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a cloud-based analytics web service designed to process massive, read-only data sets. With the Google BigQuery Service Connector, you can pull data from a specified project for additional analysis and reporting.

Google BigQuery queries are written using a variation of the standard SQL SELECT statement. Other connectors include:

  • Google Ads BigQuery Connector: Transfer and pull data from a specific project into Domo using a Google BigQuery script within your Google Ads account for deeper insights into how your ad campaigns drive revenue.
  • Google BigQuery Writeback: Easily export your data from a Domo DataSet into a BigQuery table.

Domo’s Google Connectors for Google Cloud

Companies depend on Google Cloud to store their data and make it accessible to employees everywhere. The Google Cloud Storage Connector lets you access data about project buckets and objects in Google Cloud storage so you can better understand your resources and permissions.

Connectors are available to use either OAuth or a service key to authenticate. The Google Cloud Storage Writeback Connector allows you to export data from a Domo DataSet to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.

To learn more about any of Domo’s Google Connectors, visit the Domo Appstore.

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