/ 9 years of Data Never Sleeps

Every year for the last nine years, Domo has produced a great infographic called Data Never Sleeps (DNS), which puts into context just how much data is generated every minute. After releasing the most recent edition, we decided to combine the data from all nine versions so we could explore the data across the years.   

With only a handful of data points featured each year, the DNS infographic is certainly not what one would consider “big data.” But analyzing the past nine years did require a little creativity in data structure since the exact measures can change year to year. Still, we were able to create a quick structure and see just how often various digital channels/services showed up in the infographic.

As you can see from the chart above, Instagram is the big winner, as it’s appeared in all nine versions of DNS. But Twitter is a close second (8), and Netflix and Amazon are right behind (7). 

Another interesting tidbit: In the first year, we found that Instagram users posted 3,500 new photos per minute—but this past year, that number was 65,460. So, the world of data—or at least image sharing—has changed significantly. 

How else has the data landscape shifted over the past nine years? See for yourself through the table below. One feature I have always loved about Domo tables is that I can insert a link to a webpage using HTML. And that’s what I’ve done here, so you can easily click through to the original infographic. 

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