/ 5 ways real-time analytics can get distributed sales teams on the same page

It’s 8:30 am in your New York office, 5:30 AM in your San Francisco office, 10:30 at night in Sydney and forecasting report is overdue.

Sound familiar?

The speed of sales is the speed of now, and sales executives need real-time updates on everything from contract status to deal forecasting to be able to be agile enough to meet the need. But when your sales teams are buildings, time zones, or continents apart, keeping a scattered team on the same page is impossible without access to the data they need, right when they need it.

Here are five ways live analytics can synchronize your sales team and drive better results:

Track trends.

A platform that lets you track and compare all types of sales metrics across time periods, and let you see the same data on the go as people in the office, gives sales leaders and reps the information they need to quickly spot patterns, make decisions, and act while the opportunity is hot, no matter where they are or the opportunities happen to be.

Collaborate across the globe.

Collaboration often dies between office walls, let alone cities and countries. And when reps are divided between office locations or in the field, the ability to communicate up-to-the-minute data is crucial. Sales teams with access to a platform that not only delivers live data but makes sharing and collaborating around that data simple, keeps everyone up to speed without endless conference calls.

Cut to the chase.

Data’s always good, right? Not when it means sifting through mountains of it to find what you need. When you need live, accurate data on every deal from every office to better process deals and forecast future ones, seeing exactly what you need when you need it isn’t optional. And when sales teams are in the field, you need to be able to process every lead coming in to deliver the kind of experiences that convert.

Put your best reps forward.

When it’s time to change up sales territory coverage, sales managers often align their top-performing reps with strategic regions and industries that need protection or to be captured from competitors. Being able to see rep achievement, activity volumes, and lead sources side-by-side can help company management allocate resources based on reliable data without needing to hunt it down.

Align with marketing.

If your sales team in another country had a booth at an industry conference, you want to make sure you’re getting a good return. Integrating your live analytics application with your marketing automation service helps your marketing team to see where the most leads are coming from, and provides guidance on where to invest future campaign funds.

Looking for more ways to empower your sales teams, get more value from your business data, and get your distributed sales organization on the same page? You can try Domo for free and see for yourself.

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